The Best Ways to Spend Your Downtime

Our mankind’s natures are very surprising. Sometimes we have to encounter some unexpected situations even we cannot even envisage for those situations. When we are in good days, we exhaustively forget regarding that, it could change brusquely. Even, perhaps we may lose our dearest thing from our lives forever. It does not matter what kind of unprecedented incident happen with us but we should keep in mind that, situation will be surely change, either today or tomorrow just the things we need to do that, we have to believe for that change.

People are perplexed through manifold unexpected incidents and it is normal because we are human. If we think regarding our practical scenario, we can notice that an abrupt accident may capsize the whole scenario. A prime example is, in a summer holiday, a small family was going to spend their vacation to Miami and their eyes were full of joys. While the man was driving his car, his lady was just beside of him and remembering a memorable day of their first meet at university and smiling whilst their two kids were in the back seats playing with toys.

It could be happened a top-notch cessation of that vacation but all joys diverged them forever, while a lorry curtly collided with their car. Kelly survived though she lost her left leg but sadly, she lost her husband and two children forever as they died on that spot. Kelly could suicide after healing in order to overcome her grief but she learned how to grapple with various stumbling blocks and eventually she was able to overcome her situation.

Same as Kelly, we can also change our bad times and below, I am going to share some steps that could help you to spend your bad times.


1.Pray regular: It is the best way to pray regularly when you are passing rainy day because during the bad situation, most of people become frustrated and they may committee either sudden criminal activities or hurt themselves. When you start praying, you will start to believe in fate and surely it will assist you to accept the reasons.


2.Try to spend time with your family: family is the major source for our joy. It is true that, when everyone will underestimate you still your family will support you. It is the best thing that during your rainy days, you should try to stay with our family and share with them about every single pain that are soaring into your heart. You can make trips with your all family members. That can help you to forget about that implicit pain forever.


3.You can spend time with your friends: Friends are the best source for sharing our all confidential issues. It a great trend we can see that, we like to stay with our friends and we like to spend most of time of our day. Whenever you are in bad mood, try to spend time with your friends and you can go to in any bistro with your mate and tell him about every single details. It can make you to feel lite.


4.Make new friends: it is a great propensity that could we see among people hat, when they are in bad situation, they try to curb themselves into house and stop to communicate with people. However, it is entirely erroneous notion because whenever you are facing any difficulty, challenges or any genre of impediment, you should try to meet with new people and that can help you to forget about that hidden pain.


5.Stop smoking, drinking Alcohol: if you try to take shelter from those intoxicated elements such as cigarette, Alcohol, pethidine, undoubtedly you will just subvert your life permanently rather than restoration because this thing may give you a momentary relief but not irreversibly even it could heighten your pressure more which can lead you to be mentally disorder.


6.Think positively: what happen in your life we can not change it but we can take steps so that in future we cannot make these kinds of mistakes. You need to be more pragmatic and try to think positively. Never give any place for any negative thinking and you should try to give a rational reason behind the incident.


Moreover, if you think the problem is growing seriously, try to consult with any phycologist and follow his prescribed rules. Last but not least, we should remember that time will must change today or tomorrow. So at least for that hope, we should not ruin ourselves. Perhaps tomorrow might be a shiny day for me and for the sake of that, we should wait.

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