Back Office Support

Back-Office Support

Data clearance

Will organize all data according to use that will make things run efficiently on the road to glorious success.

Data entry

Will provide data entry services for handwritten data skilfully & proficiently. It can be an
image or manual data.

Data conversion

Will convert any data to the required format, for example, HTML, XML or Pdf.

Online research

Will provide refined online research services and information gathering for any required

Enterprise data management

Will manage all important files and data efficiently and skilfully.

Digital transcription

Will transcribe any voice or digital files into any format required. Our agents are
professionally skilled digital transcribers.

Record maintenance

Will maintain, collect and manage all record for safe keeping. That will enhance your
company’s performance to the next level.


Will provide accounting and financial services like bookkeeping for invoice/purchase for the record.

Document formatting

Will adjust or format any documents that are to be sent out officially to important

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