Being the Virtual Assistant of Your Own Life & help yourself

That was Monday morning. John was rushing for his office. He got that job with grappling lot and that is why he never procrastinate during office hour. However, when I entered at his office, he saw an envelope beside the computer on his table and quickly dismantled it but after reading few lines of that letter, he could have conceived that what situation was waiting for him. He lost his job without any pre-notice. That was an arduous day for John because he lost his job abruptly and he didn’t know what he should do at this moment. Though his academic results were outstanding in every field of study but he was reluctant to spend time on other sectors so eventually, he was unable overcome this unexpected scenario easily, as his hadn’t any knowledge on other sectors.


In fact, everyday myriads of John are losing their jobs in this way and after that, some people could overcome that situation, but some people are able to change that scenario. Day by Day, life is getting more complex and employers exhibit their rigorous approach unto employees and in that case, the best way to become self-depend as one could able to lead his life with any hostile situation. However, today we will talk regarding how one can be a virtual assistant.


A virtual assistant (VA) means a person who provides services to a people or diverse companies and they work online instead of going office. Undoubtedly, it is an exhilarating opportunity that you can work at your home and you can make money as well as escalate your skills. The internet has made it far more likely to perform a wide diversity of things virtually. A lot of people may envisage virtual assistant means administrative responsibilities like typing and answering emails. However, the range of tasks of a Virtual assistant are immense and these are-

  •     Email Management
  •     Calendar Management
  •    Travel Arrangement
  •     Writing
  •     Ghost-writing
  •      Graphics design or creation
  •     Web design or development
  •     Researching
  •     Editing
  •     Tutoring
  •     Audio/Video/Photo editing.
  •     Bookkeeping
  •     Copy-writing.
  •     Marketing/Promotion
  •     Social Media Management.
  •     Project Management.
  •     Customer services.
  •     Transcription.
  •     Programming.
  •     App Development.
  •      Data Entry.

Some qualities are very crucial for being a virtual assistant. These are given below:



reliability is very decisive because your customer knocks you instantaneously if the conceive you as reliable and it will help to fetch mobility in your work so ultimately your customers will be mesmerized by these merits.

Good communication skills

communication skill is very vital for a virtual assistant. You need to understand your clients very clearly and you may have to explain every reason. What is more, a good communication skill may fetch more jobs and attractive opportunities for you.

Time Management

Time management is decisive not only for the virtual assistant but also for all other genres of jobs. A good time management can tell that how much smart you are. However, time management is much important for being a good virtual assistant because if you could manage your time properly, undoubtedly your customer will be gratified. So, owing to customer satiety, time management is very important.


if you want to carry out a task properly, you have to be aplomb because it is very vital for a virtual assistant. Obviously, you will have to exhibit reasons clearly, persuade your customers accurately but keep them happy too.


for being a successful virtual assistant, you have to be enough organized because if you perform tasks asymmetrically, you may lose the marketplace.

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