The demand for virtual assistants is increasing day by day. On top of that, Filipino Virtual Assistance really seem to get attention from the International Employers! And why not! Filipinos are the 13th largest English speakers and their wages are way below the minimum wage in the UK or USA. Further, there are numerous other benefits you can reap if you Hire a Virtual assistant Philippines!

# Why To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

In this age, the most emerging profession seems to be being a virtual assistant (VA). If you are a business owner, at some point in your journey you would look for global talents for your works! And the cherry on top, if you are able to get the Best Virtual Assistants at a way cheaper price than you expected!

You are supposed to hire a virtual agent if you are willing to save some bucks in your pocket! Plus you can boost your workforce by getting virtual assistants at a different time zone. This would ensure 24/7 operation.

# Why Hire A Virtual Assistant  Philippines?

Filipino virtual assistants excel in so many different ways! The first thing that attracts business owners is the low price! The pay of a Filipino Virtual Assistant can be as low as $2 per hour! Can you believe it? Moreover, the work ethic and dedication that most of the Virtual Assistants Philippines show is also outstanding!

The main reason you should hire a Virtual Assistant Philippines is their work ethics and skills!

1. Filipino Is Sincere And Respectful.

Like many other Asian cultures, Filipino culture is mostly built on relationships. That’s why the process of sincerity and trust comes from them in a very natural course. They excel at maintaining relationships, be it personal or professional. Just as they are taught from their childhood, most of the Filipinos grow up to be respectful to everyone around them.

2. Filipino Speaks Fluent English.

From their school years, the Filipinos are taught English as their second language. Although there are some significant differences in there and the westerner accent, it becomes clear in their later years. They are deemed to be proficient English writers too! Even the EF English Proficiency Index ranked the Philippines 13th globally (out of 72 countries) and 3rd in Asia (out of 19 countries). That’s why employers are even more inclined to getting such VA.

3. Filipino Are Educated.

Apart from being the 3rd largest English Speaking country in Asia, the Filipino is also highly educated. The adult literacy rate for the Philippines was 98.2 % as of 2019. The schools have highly proficient teachers in their respective fields. The higher education one gets, the more expert one gets in their field for sure! Although they are highly educated, their low wages seem to be a matter of utter attraction.

4. Filipino Are Hardworking And Diligent.

When assigned with any tasks, Filipinos are indefatigable. They give their 100% to ensure that your work is done with perfection. They are inclined to keep themselves at the current pace. That’s why they work rigorously to show their capabilities!

5. Filipino Are Cheerful, Enthusiastic, And Calm.

They are trained in such a way that they can work with a cheerful and happy mind. Being calm is a trait of theirs that keeps them at the top of their work.

# Virtual Assistant Services Provided By Filipino VAs.

The fields a virtual assistant Philippines can work for you are innumerable. They are affordable and provide you with the highest level of service. Some of the most popular services are,

1. Back Office Services.

The most support one needs is when they are maintaining an office. The notable services that a VA can offer are,

  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Email Management
  • Cold calling
  • Scheduler
  • Website Management
  • Record Maintenance

2. Web Designer

Having a website is the best thing you can do to promote your business. Hiring a virtual assistant Philippines ensures that you get it done at a cheap rate without compromising the quality. The mentionable services are,

  • Web developing
  • WordPress developer
  • Creating business websites

3. SEO Specialists

 For your website to rank top in Google and to have more traffic, you need to work on SEO the most. The services that a Filipino SEO Specialist can provide you with are,

  • Keyword research
  • Blog management
  • Niche Market Research
  • Link Building.

4. Content Writer

To ensure that your website ranks top, you need to publish great blogs and articles for SEO purposes. And thus you need a good content writer. The writing services that Virtual Assistants Philippines  can offer you are,

  • Blog posting
  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Press release
  • Content marketing.

# How Much Do Filipino virtual Assistants Make?

In the UK or USA workers market the minimum wage is 10-12 dollars or euros for just beginners. You can hire an amateur to expert‚ Filipino Virtual Assistant for just about $4-12 per hour!

The Virtual Assistants Philippines usually has a college degree. So to hire an amateur virtual assistant you might need to pay around 300-400 dollars monthly. Whereas for experienced virtual agents the pay may be up to 700 – 800 dollars only for full-time purposes!

# What Is The Ban On Direct Hiring A Virtual Assistant From The Philippines?

A law passed in the Philippines forbids employers from other countries to directly employ a Virtual Assistant from there. To be precise Section 123 of the 2016 amended POEA Rules and Regulations forbids foreign employers from hiring Filipinos directly for employment outside the country.

# How To Hire A Filipino Virtual Assistant?

Most of the employers who want to hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines worry about the ban on direct hiring Filipino VAs. Section 123 of the 2016 amended POEA Rules and Regulations forbids foreign employers from hiring Filipinos directly for employment outside the country.

Even if you are looking for Virtual Assistants online, it is hard to find the right one! But you can still hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant through some VA services and Agencies. Some of them are,

# How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Having a virtual assistant is considered cheaper than conventional employees. On top of that, you don’t have to think about expenses like office rent, electricity bills, and internet expenses. In the UK or USA, you can hire a general executive Virtual Assistant for 15-30 dollars or euros per hour. And for other higher-level jobs like marketing, you might need to pay about 45 – 75 dollars per hour. Thus it is not extremely affordable for a start-up.

This is why many employers prefer hiring Virtual Assistants from developing countries who would do the same work but at an even cheaper price! Usually, employers pick VA from countries like India or the Philippines. The Virtual Assistants work diligently but don’t break your bank! Virtual assistants from the Philippines may cost between 6-14 dollars for small to expert works!

# Are Virtual Assistant Philippines Worth It?

Virtual assistants in general are very beneficial for any business. They help to keep the business up to date and allow their works to be renowned globally! But however, you might not always hit a jackpot while hiring a Virtual Assistant. So, it is safer to go for a more secure option. Virtual Assistant Philippines seem like the right deal when you are looking for quality! You need to hire a virtual assistant philippine through any virtual assistant service or agency. So, they almost always make sure that you get the right virtual assistant.

Moreover, as per statistics, the Virtual Assistant Philippines are educated and have a good command of English. This ensures higher employability. On top of that, the time zone difference makes it even more profitable. You can engage a few Virtual assistants who can work for you throughout the clock.

# Disadvantages Of Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistant.

As much as it seems that Virtual Assistant Philippines seem to be ideal for your startup, there are some drawbacks. The power outage in the Philippines is a bit worrying. There are scheduled power outages due to the weak infrastructures. However, in some areas, the people have informed prior to the outages. Thus in this time, Virtual assistants can only engage themselves in offline tasks.

They lack high-speed internet connections. This may make some of their researching a bit slower than usual. However, by getting a reliable internet connection provider for higher prices, this problem can be mitigated. The 13th Month pay! This is a custom in the Philippines. It is a must to pay a bonus equivalent to 1 month’s pay which the employers may need to bear in mind.

The time zone difference may serve as a disadvantage too. For your office works, you would need some VA who would answer your business calls and do cold callings according to your time zone. This could be a drawback but can be compensated by talking with the Virtual Assistant.

# Conclusion:

To hire a virtual assistant is to share your workload for excelling in your company’s growth. For the right execution of the works, you need to hire a dedicated and dutiful Virtual Assistant. And who could be better than Filipino Virtual Assistants!

Get a very diligent Virtual Assistant Philippines to manage your hard works more effectively. And the best thing about a Filipino Virtual Assistant is their low prices for the effortless work they execute. The organizations providing Filipino Virtual Assistants shun the traits of the virtual assistants so that they are experts at whatever work they do. You can give a try to check their status on your own!

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