Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support

Help desk

Will follow up any issues regarding clients and help them in any way possible.


Will provide ticket or reservation procuring for anything required

Make Reservations

Hotel reservation and flight booking will be done promptly and competently. Our agents are resourceful and professionals

 Answer Queries

Will answer any queries customers might have related to the product and services provided by your company.

Follow Up

Will follow up the questions and complaints as soon as possible so that the client feels cherished and cared for.

Live chat with clients

Will provide live chat for clients for introducing the products or guiding them through order processing etc.

Analyzing customers

Will do customer analysis so that will have a pattern for their purchasing and response timings that will make customer strategies easy and efficient to implement.

Provide Guidance to Clients

Will provide undivided attention to the clients and guide them throughout the procedures and will solve their queries 24/7.

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General Bucket

£75 / Weekly

20 hours per week
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£105 / Weekly

30 hours per Week
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£125 / Weekly

40 hours per week
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