Hire a virtual receptionist: The primary purpose of hiring a virtual assistant is to have some help with your daily works. One of the biggest concerns of running a business is handling your customers. When they try to reach your business, the first person, your customers, will speak to is your receptionist. While having a receptionist sitting at the front desk is preferable, not all businesses need one. Some small businesses are not capable of spending a significant amount on front desk receptionist or customer service agents. A virtual receptionist can save you from the troubles of customer service and at the same time, save a considerable amount of money.

# Why Do I Need Virtual Receptionist?

Running a small business can be quite a lot of works. Sometimes, you have to play a lot of roles at once, from being a salesman to being the customer representative and office admin, you have to manage all the works by yourself. Having a team of virtual assistants can save you from doing everything by yourself. But what about managing the relationship with customers? How do you know you are not missing any calls from your clients doing all the other works?

A virtual receptionist will assist you in answering the general queries your clients have. They will help maintain customer support. Hiring a virtual receptionist in the UK or from any other country can be a cost-effective way of having quality customer service with a tight budget.

Here are a few benefits that you can get as a company by hiring virtual customer service:

# Cost-Efficient

Hiring virtual assistants can save you a lot of money. Having a receptionist to answer all your calls in your office can be costly. But you can employ a cloud-based virtual assistant, living in a different city or country, where you do not have to spend as much on their salary. If you are starting a new business or on a tight budget, this extra money that you saved can be used in other useful factors to grow your business.

# Never Missing a Call

As your business will grow, you will get more and more calls from the customers. If your business is based on those calls, you mustn’t miss any of those calls. So, having someone to answer those calls on time will help your business. A virtual receptionist or a receptionist will always make sure that all your calls are responded to. They will forward those calls to the right person. Even if you are taking holidays or sick leave, the team of virtual assistants will always receive the calls and convey the messages. Your customer service will improve and boost your company’s sales.

# Growth in Productivity

A business needs a lot of things to be done for its growth. If you spend the whole day answering clients’ calls, a lot of time will be wasted. So, give those tasks to your virtual receptionist, who will pass any important calls to you and answer the general queries of the clients. This will keep the clients happy and save you time to focus on essential tasks.

# Maintain the Company’s Image

Receiving calls immediately and professionally will give the impression that you take your clients seriously. It will make them happy, and this will create a good image for your company. It is proven that having poor customer service can ruin a company’s reputation. So, by employing a cheerful virtual receptionist, you can gain the goodwill of your customers.

# No Need for Training

While hiring a new employee in your office, you need to train them to do all the works accordingly. If you wish to find an already experienced one, it may take a lot of time, and they may charge higher. With Hello VA, you are going to find hiring virtual receptionist with experience working for UK companies.

With all the advantages mentioned above, a virtual assistant can help you with the administrative tasks of your office. You can have a separate office space for your virtual employees where the real estate cost is less, or you can hire a company like Hello VA, who will provide you experienced hiring virtual Receptionists in London without any need to set up an office.

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